<---AL with Misty; inspiration from Africa
The Tomcat
from 6th grade
thought I'd lost this poem
found it in the basement today...

The Tomcat eased onto his back
and rolled a heavy purr,
He sat and groomed for hours long,
combed each tuft of smoky fur.

He stretched and curved into an arc,
and pushed out his hooked claws.
He yawned a mouth of sharp white teeth,
set hard and jagged in his jaws.

His amber eyes were set alight
When a butterfly flew by.
He swatted it in kittenness,
until it melted in the sky.

His eyelids hung, grew heavier,
as dozing soon grew deep.
He curled onto his sunbathed bed,
--what is better than to sleep!

...was mildly obsessed with cats...and ferrets...
got bond money for the poem and was happy til i learned what bonds were and that i couldn't spend it right away...

(SAND) Bucket List

This is our summer bucket list.  Things to do before the end of summer....../the end of the school year.  Without actually kicking the bucket.  That's why it's the SAND bucket list. ahahahahahahahah. ok.

--Visit the Tea Bazaar

--Fridays After Five

--Convince Rhode to come on one of the outdoor adventures

--Get temporary tattoos

--Swim in as many lakes as possible before getting caught (mint springs, old trail etc)

--but...GET caught before school starts

--Make Norwegian cheesecake with truffle and raspberry reduction sauce/cake from scratch/cupcakes from a mix/slice and bake cookies/toast. /open a box of little debbies.

--Disney movie marathon

--Stargaze on hay bales near val's house/mint springs "beach"

--CAMP at mint springs

--Open up phonebook in food section and pick a place to go blindfolded. ...blindfolded while picking the place, not while eating at the place.

--Pet a really cute animal

--Take a picture with a police man

--Buy icecream for a homeless person (Tom and I have actually tried this.  When we came back outside the original guy was gone.  So...we gave it to the same homeless guy Tom, Stuart and Will had some 2 hr conversation with several weeks ago.  Not that he said very much.  He just talked SO slowly...and would have massive.......dramatic................PAUSES.......before dropping the f bomb in reference to...almost anything.  He said thanks for the icecream though.  Then he went back to dropping in on other random people to give his verdicts on the world)
--Wear "kick me" sign for a period of time or just get Heidi to reenact

Ok so SO far:

1) Heidi, John and I ran to Mint Springs and swam in the lake.  There were no police/patrol men just some lady with a dog in a station wagon who drove by verrryyyyy slowwllyyy.  Then we tried to shimmy up trees Mowgli style which isn't on the list but should be. 
2) Rhode, Heidi and I had a lovely disney movie marathon....consisting of one movie.  Hercules.  Didn't remember ANYTHING from when I saw that originally in like the 4th grade or whatever.  Learned that: Hercules has feet like snow shoes and that Beyonce's single ladies backup dancers had their first gig as Greek gospel/disco singing cartoon narrators for that movie.
3) Rhode and I went to Fridays after Five and ate the smallest cookies in the world in the bagged lunches we got at Baggbys.  Really nice owner guy and everything else was good but seriously, the cookies were somewhere between quarter and silver dollar size.


favorite (girl) names

Liana, Aleta, Evita, Sophia, Alouette, Adele, Chloe, Esmee, Helen, Zoe, Bevin, Kalyn, Kelen, Sadie

...along with other more common names