run on...sentence. ha. ha..........ha.

I'm signed up for an 8k and technically I'm running the 10 miler (that's funny) but I haven't really run recently (like a week or more) and it doesn't really make me feel any better that my MOTHER ran 15 miles yesterday in the wind (she's a beast)so I was thinking on race day I could do something like what these runners are doing but prob I won't have a choice and it will happen like that anyway but hey at least I'll still get the shirt and hopefully free food at the end.
my NECK hurts because yesterday my siblings and i were in a semi-wreck with two people high on xanax and who knows what else. the guy got out and was like, "so sorry guys...i'm like, on a lot of xanax now. i really shouldn't be driving. uh...i didn't even see you before we hit". AWESOME. the lady next to him in the car was wayyy far gone. like twirling her arms around and nodding. besides their lala land everyone was fine. their car looked pretty totaled but luckily the damage to our van didn't go beyond cosmetic so we could still finish shopping. yay. oh and then AL found an unused lottery ticket on the ground and scratched it for 15 bucks. weird day.

I just listened to MGMT Electric Feel again. i've heard it too many times but the music video is entertaining--it is what happens when frodo and robin hood get high in the woods together.


look, he even gets, like, cherubs

We’ve been reading The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin for my Survey of English Literature class. He isn’t the character I imagined him to be—which isn’t surprising because the founding fathers tend to be glossed and idealized into kinds beautiful heroes who are something more than human. Franklin is refreshingly facetious, sarcastic, and real underneath the surface. In this painting (I could not find the artist or date online) Franklin comes across as the paragon of beautiful American patriotism…his serious, noble and enlightened face looks just meant to be stamped on small change for generations to come. Rather than Madonna descending with her son and salvation on the clouds…Franklin looks up into the sky…self helped through his own ingenuity and invention. He is the hero of the American “religion” attended even by little cherub creatures! Not that the founding fathers weren't great.  I think it is good to realize though that though they were talented they were still just people (in the right place at the right time) who sometimes got wasted, used ivory dentures and uh had affairs with their slaves, among other things.

my capitalization by the way is Arbitrary

the round at the end is sooo awesome and makes me wish i knew how to sing.

but instead i should write my paper. on mary rowlandson and being kidnapped by indians. it's lots of fun and makes me happy to write. for example, here is a quote from the section i must write on: "I sat much alone with a poor wounded Child in my lap, which moaned night and day, having nothing to revive the body, or cheer the spirits of her, but in stead of that, sometimes one Indian would come and tell me in one hour, that your Master will knock your Child in the head, and then a second, and then a third, your Master will quickly knock your Child in the head..."


oh, ok it IS cool though that one of my direct ancestors was bffs with mary's husband joseph rowlandson who signed his will. aw i just love my puritan ancestors...


elementary poetry I

5th grade


There once was a small bird from France
Who loved eating small world wide ants
But just couldn't bear-a
Bugs from the Sahara
Getting sick was a possible chance

There once was a little green goon
Who loved to jump on the moon
One day he jumped off
Into a horse trough
So he won't be back very soon

Camel Stew, 3rd grade, written w help of younger brothers, obviously, and actually a song.

I'm gonna shoot a camel
to make some camel stew
and if you don't believe me
I'll tell you that its true

First you add some spiders
The hairy ones of course
Then you add the mane and tail
Of an old dead horse

Then you squish some beatles
To add to the stew
And if you catch a whiff of it
All you'll say is PYOOOO

Add some salt and pepper
To make it just write
Oh it is quite delicious
But it is quite a sight

I'm gonna shoot a camel
To make some camel stew
and if you don't believe me
I'll tell you that it's true

Pieces: elementary poetry II

you might be interested


uh ohhhh

one more reason not to jump from airplanes


***Vote for Todrick Hall, the rumors are Not true***

posters i'd like to have

when bored,

g'night! (in dutch, written with masking tape and sharpie on my wall)
So gradually over the course of this semester my sleep/wake cycle has been shifting forward. Last night I tried to suddenly and drastically reverse the trend by going to bed at 11. Three hours later--wide awake and bored out of my mind--i gave up, got up, ate several toaster strudels, listened to music and facebook stalked my family. 2 am might be a better starting goal time.

Julie Mehretu is amazing


sister lenana

Candid Arctic

Family Pictures

lenana in africa
one of the best pictures....ever

shanu and i

John--SO cute.....what happened

aww parents in the Neths

Yes i am related to this man. He is my father. but usually doesn't dress like this.


JaMes RivEr

i don't mean to have this obsession with water pictures...i just end up liking how they look in black and white

...or you will look like a baboon

RACE brochure

yeah...you'd best run...and FAST

Everyone should run. In this Race. That I have to host. (for a class)
cheesy required brochure:

JOG4DOGS5K................A Good Reason to Run...................and Play

(no way it rhymes)

Laverne eyed me sorrowfully with her large hound dog eyes. Her head rested on long gangly legs and her massive ears drooped back. The name suited her personality exactly. She was a senior southern belle who'd been through harder times that left her dripping with a mournful melodrama. "Hey Laverrrnee sweetie!" I unfastened the padlock and stepped inside to greet her. "Laverne what do you say about a walk? Wanna go for a walk?" She lay like a sack of potatoes while I struggled to clip on her harness. I tried to pump her with a bit of enthusiasm but the short walk from her kennel to the outside courtyard was always the most difficult. Her loud and baying hall mates intimidated her so much that her tail remained tightly tucked between her legs while I nearly had to drag her, coaxing, toward the door. We made it outside finally. "Now that wasn't too bad, was it Laverne, huh?" She ignored me though, her nose already plastered to the ground, whuffling, and soon pulling us both in a very determined direction down a trail invisible to me. We hurried past busy outdoor dog runs, meanered through a neighborhood and finally plopped down on a sunny and grassy bank. Laverne wagged her tail slightly, dog-grinned, and began to munch grass. "Ugh Laverne stoppp you're not a cowww!" I always enjoyed these walks with Laverne. Initially tentative and withdrawn she soon warmed up with attention and time.

I was lucky to have the opportunity to work with many dogs like Laverne during my time volunteering at the Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA (CASPCA) through the Pet Pals program at Madison House. It gave me the chance to turn around days for both hyper and melancholy dogs with just a little love and attention. The Pet Pals program is great for local students who miss their own pets at home and find themselves wishing for a little fuzzy therapy. Students who sign up carpool at times convenient to their schedules with others to volunteer for at least 2 hrs a wekk for the semester. There are also cats to cuddle and play with for those who aren['t dog lovers or who desire a little less exercise. Playing with these animals is a great way to de-stres and, less sentimentally, to put volunteering experience on your resume and show that you care about the community.

You don't have to be a UVa student to be involved with these animals though. The CASPCA offers both adult and junior volunteering programs. If possible, you might even want to consider adopting one of these animals to change every and not just one day of its life!!

The CASPCA is a worthwhile and quality organization to support with time and/or money. They house mostly homeless dogs and cats but also take in smaller animals. Unlike many shelters across the nation this one is no-kill, which means that they don't euthanize animals when numbers or costs run high. They also do much more than just keep the animals alive. They spay, neuter, and rehabilitate injured animals, as well as work through difficult behavioral issues to increase chances of adoption.

Your participation in this race has helped to support this wonderful organization. Please consider becoming involved with their animals in the future. Thank you for running (or jogging, walking, whatever) and I hope you had fun!





I'm going to the gym. Which is actually not that exciting.

am i going to treat this like twitter now???

i don't even HAVE twitter