<---AL with Misty; inspiration from Africa
The Tomcat
from 6th grade
thought I'd lost this poem
found it in the basement today...

The Tomcat eased onto his back
and rolled a heavy purr,
He sat and groomed for hours long,
combed each tuft of smoky fur.

He stretched and curved into an arc,
and pushed out his hooked claws.
He yawned a mouth of sharp white teeth,
set hard and jagged in his jaws.

His amber eyes were set alight
When a butterfly flew by.
He swatted it in kittenness,
until it melted in the sky.

His eyelids hung, grew heavier,
as dozing soon grew deep.
He curled onto his sunbathed bed,
--what is better than to sleep!

...was mildly obsessed with cats...and ferrets...
got bond money for the poem and was happy til i learned what bonds were and that i couldn't spend it right away...