mommy can we keep them???

um....is one of them drowning??................"swimming"?


Why am I an English major If i Hate writing Papers.

It can be lovely/horrifying when people read more into your actions/words than was actually intended.  Like when a professor is like, "ohhh so what you actually mean when you're saying that is _genius point_"  Sure! Yup!

Orrrr............other times....."so what you really mean by saying that to me is ya ya ya bad bad bad


"However much you think was subliminal on my part is your part to decide"

And now, unrelated, is this comic which gives me a headache to look at for too long but is also more fun than figuring out a thesis:


cut it out, you fool

oh goodness i want this billboard so badly

American Culinary Fails

how did people manage to eat then.       no seriously.
...do NOT tell me that is spam...with bananas...and cherries...

how did this candy bar not make it????

even cheerios manage to look like organs


that is either pizza or growth in a pietri dish

disturbingly, this might be the most appetizing option so far. oh gosh it's actually a tough call between this and the intestinal cheerios.

 what's for dessert dearest? oh, jellied vegetable medley darling!


I was lying in bed falling asleep and

then I remembered this really funny video.  I can't remember for the life of me where I first saw it.  Anyways. I decided I had to watch it before morning.


Bird and the Bee Love Letter to Japan

Va put this on Bday mix cd and it is so bee-autiful!! The boring flower backdrop is lame but the original music video was trippy strange and wouldn't allow embedding anyway. Japan hm. I would like to go there... but probably lower on a list of places to go.

actually i've changed my mind. the flowers are pretty pretty.


ok no matter how many times i look at this...i still laugh...when i look from the tuxedo. to the truck. to the officers. to the..................sewing machine. say cheeeeeeese!!


Ironic things in the world

1) Sesquipedalophobia is the fear of long words
2) Learning what "sesquipedalophobia" means is the only thing I have liked from reading "beloved" Tristram Shandy so far. 
2) Switched-into-class (for sake of a fresh start right before the drop and add class deadline) will now be the absolute death of me
3) The "Greatest novel of all time" is boring as crap (James Joyce I could care less about your whirly-dirly-creative-conscious-forged-in-smithy-of-their-soul-tormented-emo-artists and their kidney-eating-meat-obsessed-friends)
4) Too much of a good thing is not wonderful
5) Irony indirectly makes points most directly but only sometimes and other times it's bad.



Went to Sugarland concert tonight with Rach and it was SWEET. I'd heard this song on the radio many times and always thought awww how cute. Then I watched the music video andddd...what an adorable stalking mannapper instead!


Dear John. you are better than that movie, even.

This post is dedicated to the one and only John Louis Wilder, genius you-tuber and discoverer of the Goat-Yelling-Like-A-Man video.  Oh my brother and oh the delight of my eyes.  I apologize from the bottom of my heart for not crediting it's discovery to you.  Your eyes are even green-golden-flecked-er than those of Tom.  Your hair is as cute and curly as that of a newborn baby lamb.  In fact, you remind me in so many ways yourself of a little baby lamb.  Little. Cute. Baby. Lamb.  Dearest kid-brother.

quote: "that was horrible. i'll give you another shot" --john.

ok john. here is a poem written just about you for the occasion.

there once was a kid named john
indistinguishable from super-mahn
i read him this poem
and asked if he know'd him
and in response he said WhAAAHhhh???


Runnn For est Runnn

This morning was the long-anticipated/dreaded-yet-hardly-prepared-for-on-my-part VIRGINIA BEACH HALF MARATHON.  These are the highlights.

This morning woken up at the crack of dawn by mom who was already entirely dressed and ready at 5:30.  Took like a solid minute to wake up from dream and remember what the heck was going on.

Ate doritos and banana and goo blocks for breakfast YUM

Had lovely chat with other runners in porta potty line. What a great place to meet new people.

Felt good for the first six miles of the race then sped up then felt much more tired.  Passed Pac man but didn't see Elvis.  

Asked by creeper where my "friend" was.  What the heck does that mean.

Finished race

Jumped in ocean

Drank two sips of free beer then was like gross then threw it out and felt bad about wasting.

Jumped around on beach.

I'd do it again!!!

andddd 8:12 miles baybayyyy