MERCIFULLY by Marianne Moore

I am hard to disgust,
but a pretentious poet can do it;
a person without a tap root; and
impercipience can do it; did it.

But why talk about it--
offset by Musica Antiqua's
"Legendary Performance"
of impassioned exactitude.

An elate tongue is music.....
the plain truth--complex truth--
in which unnatural emphases,
"passi - on" and "divis - i-on,"
sound natural. Play it all; do
except in uproars of conversation.

Celestial refrain.....My mind
hears it again.  Without music
life is flat--bare existence.
Dirgelike David and Absalom. That.
       Let it be that.

This poem reminds me of the movie Annie Hall! I like Marianne Moore because she shows she can be overly eloquent but she doesn't take herself entirely seriously and she makes fun of people who do.