Summer Plans...

Summer Schedule
Rise at 4:30
Run 5-10 miles
Lift weights and work abs
Eat Fiber One with raw eggs
Drink black coffee
Devotions for an hour
Pick up to babysit...teensit kids and take through highly structured itinerary
Read Anna Karenina/War and Peace/The Iliad
That's the morning.
Oh wait.

ACTUAL general resolutions
1) Run every day at least twice a week.
2) Use sunscreen.  Do not fry.
3) Make a reading list and read...most....some of the books on it.
4) Get a six pack.  Use sunscreen to make tan lines that look like a six pack. YEAH.
5) Embrace inner Nanny. Mary Poppins? Mrs. Doubtfire?
6) Practice saving money
7) Make platypi dough figurines
8) Paint lots
9) Plant something
10) Love God, family, friends

That would be awesome.  oh. AND go to CALIFORNIA.......HOPEFULLY......