Runnn For est Runnn

This morning was the long-anticipated/dreaded-yet-hardly-prepared-for-on-my-part VIRGINIA BEACH HALF MARATHON.  These are the highlights.

This morning woken up at the crack of dawn by mom who was already entirely dressed and ready at 5:30.  Took like a solid minute to wake up from dream and remember what the heck was going on.

Ate doritos and banana and goo blocks for breakfast YUM

Had lovely chat with other runners in porta potty line. What a great place to meet new people.

Felt good for the first six miles of the race then sped up then felt much more tired.  Passed Pac man but didn't see Elvis.  

Asked by creeper where my "friend" was.  What the heck does that mean.

Finished race

Jumped in ocean

Drank two sips of free beer then was like gross then threw it out and felt bad about wasting.

Jumped around on beach.

I'd do it again!!!

andddd 8:12 miles baybayyyy