Dear John. you are better than that movie, even.

This post is dedicated to the one and only John Louis Wilder, genius you-tuber and discoverer of the Goat-Yelling-Like-A-Man video.  Oh my brother and oh the delight of my eyes.  I apologize from the bottom of my heart for not crediting it's discovery to you.  Your eyes are even green-golden-flecked-er than those of Tom.  Your hair is as cute and curly as that of a newborn baby lamb.  In fact, you remind me in so many ways yourself of a little baby lamb.  Little. Cute. Baby. Lamb.  Dearest kid-brother.

quote: "that was horrible. i'll give you another shot" --john.

ok john. here is a poem written just about you for the occasion.

there once was a kid named john
indistinguishable from super-mahn
i read him this poem
and asked if he know'd him
and in response he said WhAAAHhhh???