I do sense it--and i judge--

--when your tissue paper is not up to snuff

"Women sense it immediately--that atmosphere of elegance and refinement--those necesary little appointments, noticed but not discussed, which contribute so much to the comfort and well-being of guests and family. Scot Tissue has made a place for itself in well-conducted homes. it is the choice of discriminating women everywhere, because of its hygienic purity and safety. A highly absorbant, snow-white, soothing tissue, marvelously soft as fine old linen. Kind to the most sensitive skin. Peculiarly adapted to the needs of women of intuitive daintiness. Ask your doctor. No conversation. Just say 'Scot Tissue' to your storekeeper and receive a big, economical, dustproof roll"

...wait...is this tissue paper or toilet paper? rolls of tissue paper? Multipurpose paper? It's good to know you can at least value the discretion of your storekeeper.

AND if it wasn't good enough before then