my NECK hurts because yesterday my siblings and i were in a semi-wreck with two people high on xanax and who knows what else. the guy got out and was like, "so sorry guys...i'm like, on a lot of xanax now. i really shouldn't be driving. uh...i didn't even see you before we hit". AWESOME. the lady next to him in the car was wayyy far gone. like twirling her arms around and nodding. besides their lala land everyone was fine. their car looked pretty totaled but luckily the damage to our van didn't go beyond cosmetic so we could still finish shopping. yay. oh and then AL found an unused lottery ticket on the ground and scratched it for 15 bucks. weird day.

I just listened to MGMT Electric Feel again. i've heard it too many times but the music video is entertaining--it is what happens when frodo and robin hood get high in the woods together.