RACE brochure

yeah...you'd best run...and FAST

Everyone should run. In this Race. That I have to host. (for a class)
cheesy required brochure:

JOG4DOGS5K................A Good Reason to Run...................and Play

(no way it rhymes)

Laverne eyed me sorrowfully with her large hound dog eyes. Her head rested on long gangly legs and her massive ears drooped back. The name suited her personality exactly. She was a senior southern belle who'd been through harder times that left her dripping with a mournful melodrama. "Hey Laverrrnee sweetie!" I unfastened the padlock and stepped inside to greet her. "Laverne what do you say about a walk? Wanna go for a walk?" She lay like a sack of potatoes while I struggled to clip on her harness. I tried to pump her with a bit of enthusiasm but the short walk from her kennel to the outside courtyard was always the most difficult. Her loud and baying hall mates intimidated her so much that her tail remained tightly tucked between her legs while I nearly had to drag her, coaxing, toward the door. We made it outside finally. "Now that wasn't too bad, was it Laverne, huh?" She ignored me though, her nose already plastered to the ground, whuffling, and soon pulling us both in a very determined direction down a trail invisible to me. We hurried past busy outdoor dog runs, meanered through a neighborhood and finally plopped down on a sunny and grassy bank. Laverne wagged her tail slightly, dog-grinned, and began to munch grass. "Ugh Laverne stoppp you're not a cowww!" I always enjoyed these walks with Laverne. Initially tentative and withdrawn she soon warmed up with attention and time.

I was lucky to have the opportunity to work with many dogs like Laverne during my time volunteering at the Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA (CASPCA) through the Pet Pals program at Madison House. It gave me the chance to turn around days for both hyper and melancholy dogs with just a little love and attention. The Pet Pals program is great for local students who miss their own pets at home and find themselves wishing for a little fuzzy therapy. Students who sign up carpool at times convenient to their schedules with others to volunteer for at least 2 hrs a wekk for the semester. There are also cats to cuddle and play with for those who aren['t dog lovers or who desire a little less exercise. Playing with these animals is a great way to de-stres and, less sentimentally, to put volunteering experience on your resume and show that you care about the community.

You don't have to be a UVa student to be involved with these animals though. The CASPCA offers both adult and junior volunteering programs. If possible, you might even want to consider adopting one of these animals to change every and not just one day of its life!!

The CASPCA is a worthwhile and quality organization to support with time and/or money. They house mostly homeless dogs and cats but also take in smaller animals. Unlike many shelters across the nation this one is no-kill, which means that they don't euthanize animals when numbers or costs run high. They also do much more than just keep the animals alive. They spay, neuter, and rehabilitate injured animals, as well as work through difficult behavioral issues to increase chances of adoption.

Your participation in this race has helped to support this wonderful organization. Please consider becoming involved with their animals in the future. Thank you for running (or jogging, walking, whatever) and I hope you had fun!