Emerson=sefish hippie w pantheism-on-steroids

no really.

Maybe he would even like that label.

He is also like the male flower-child of Ayn Rand even though he came first.

Ayn Rand = "selfishness is the best thing in the world along with money and pure capitalism and my lover <3John Gault<3. If your body is angular and reminds me of architecture AND you agree with me then we will move to my capitalist utopia hidden away in bermuda-triangle-like-mountains and smoke dollar sign imprinted $cigarettes$ together before we save the world"

Emerson = "SELFishness is the best thing in the world along with channeling/reconnecting with the spiritual blob at the center of everything (=MotherEarth/God/DivineSpirit/DivineSoulofallMankindandNature). As long as you aren't poor/charitable lets be BFFs, take nature walks together and contemplate our awesome-ness"