squirrel+stalker=squawker or stirrel

I have lately seen many blind squirrels. They seem at first to be like any other grounds squirrels--skitterishly busy but pretty much oblivous/indifferent to my (even when stomping) approach. All squirrels on grounds lack this basic fear of any humans----something that would come in REALLY handy whenever say, I want to use an outdoor trashcan and they are hunched over and around it, gnawing on pizza crusts, STARING at me and standing their ground.

Blind squirrels are the same only scarier because they seem to be staring at everything. All at once. I am torn between pity (aww, you poor furry little disabled mammal maybe i can adopt you!) and morbid fear/fascination (holy cow your eyes are even whiter than your long yellow teeth). They are both....cute....AND like something from a horror movie; Snow White's animal friends in the woods gone wrong.

I have been referring to the blind squirrel(s) as "they", like plural, but now I realize that I've never actually seen more than one at once. "They" could be all the the SAME squirrel. Which is probably worse because "it" hangs out around all my class buildings.

One comforting thing I learned the other day was that squirrels can't contract rabies. Who knew. Another redeeming thing for squirrels is that they have fur on their tails, unlike rats.