such an exciting break alREADY.

things that have happened in the past two days:

--woke up at 4:45 Sat morning to drive friend to train station; it was weirdly very fun

--BRIDESMAID dress shopping all day Sat and found beautiful dresses and even more awesome shoes

--woken up on Sunday morning by mother with coffee and breakfast in bed...maybe I will live at home now

--learned that father's desire to join local geological club is heartfelt and sincere...so enthusiastic that i first thought it was facetious satire of this rock club. um. isn't. so i learned some about geological time periods and worm holes in rock on the skyline drive.

--could not sleep until 4 am last night. ate noodles, cereal, bananas, nutella, and microwaved veggie patties. yum. and watched....all of the hangover. on a 1 inch ipod screen.

--today is very nice and sunny.