sadly, black beauty has never actually greeted me on the beach

------------beach hotel-----------------

stepping out, sunscreen-slathered and somewhat
numbed by the dull hotel chill and its thin
disinfectant smell after tap tapping out
from the quiet elevator
bell onto drained teal and flesh
colored squares of tile past
windex plastic carts dripping
sticky with sodden mops and
a desperation present also
in the buffet grits, gelled, and the dried starfish
elaborately framed on the wall----------------

struck then, by the air, salt-starched
and sharp in the sun, red through eye
lids in lemon juice light cut in-
to slivers on the skin of the sea,
glittering and shaking, breaking
in splinters and flecks but heavy
still on the sand-scrubbed
asphalt that burns my feet

i uh don't know why the beach comes across as so morbid and painful. because i really do want to go there.

i really do hate the cheapo hotels. because they still cost lots of money.